Current Issue

Vol. 3 no. 2 (2019)

Main theme: „Disability, Law and Values: crossing boundaries for full inclusion”


Equality is an important value in all dimensions of social and professional life. International and national legal orders are based on the broadly understood principle of non-discrimination and they are a basis for equality policies. However, there are still gaps in this area, and practice shows that these values are not always properly protected.
This volume of the Journal is devoted to the topic of equality and non-discrimination, in particular to the issue of crossing boundaries for full inclusion. We begin with an article on attitudes, access and carriers of study abroad and college students of the African diaspora. The subsequent texts focus on the topic of disability within different approaches: legal and axiological aspects of preventing the causes of disability in the context of a “healthy environment”, people with disabilities in armed conflicts, standards of imprisonment in penitentiary isolation for people with disabilities and ensuring the right to autonomy for people with mental disabilities. The printed version of the Journal also includes the European Court of Human Rights judgement of 25 June 2019, in the Stoian v. Romania case (Application no. 289/14) concerning providing reasonable accommodation to a disabled child to attend school.
We truly hope that the articles will be of inspiration to all our readers.



Introduction [PDF]


Michelle Renee’ Harris & James W. Hynes
Study Abroad and College Students of the African Diaspora: Attitudes, Access and Barriers [PDF]

Radosław Mędrzycki
The Legal and Axiological Aspects of Preventing the Causes of Disability in the context of a ‘healthy environment’ [PDF]

Magdalena Kun-Buczko
People with Disabilities in Armed Conflict [PDF]

Katarzyna Mróz
The Standards of Imprisonment in Penitentiary Isolation for People with Disabilities [PDF]

Milda Žaliauskaitė
Advance Will: Ensuring the Right to Autonomy for People with Mental Disabilities [PDF]

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